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The discount strategy for SaaS that no one uses, but most should.

We’re wired to ask for discounts.  I once read a book encouraging the reader to ask for a discount on the next Starbucks coffee. If asked why, they suggested replying…

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Building a Revenue Operations Framework

Embarking on the journey of understanding and implementing a Revenue Operations Framework can feel like navigating through uncharted waters. The goal of this article is to serve as your compass, guiding…

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Growblocks accelerates: €6M Seed Funding & Launches Product

It’s a big day for us at Growblocks after securing over €6M in seed funding from Project A Ventures and launching our beta out into the world. By helping revenue…

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How to get a seat at the table as Revenue Operations

Last week, I talked to a RevOps expert who wanted to become VP. As someone who has hired RevOps people to VP roles, I started to think about how it…

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RevOps ≠ Sysadmins, so let’s stop acting like them

Can you really call yourself RevOps if you’re only fixing and managing CRMs all day? I see a lot of folks fall into this trap. And struggling to get out…

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Does the Perfect SDR to AE Ratio Exist?

I often get asked how many SDRs a company needs for every AE? And I’m surprised it’s still being asked by many folks out there. I’ve struggled with this question…