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Growing revenue is a science, not an art.
Growblocks allows you to live in that new reality.

why it matters

A scientific approach to revenue

Revenue is the result of a series of funnel steps, conversions, time delays, and deal values, across regions, segments, and channels. The data for this is locked up in multiple tools across your funnel. Making it impossible to be data-driven growing your revenue.

Companies that manage their revenue in a data-driven and scientific way:

  • Are building revenue engines that generate predictable revenue 
  • Are able to grow revenue more efficiently and sustainably 
  • Execute changes to their revenue engine with fewer mistakes
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How it works

The Revenue Operating Model

“Connect your full funnel, not just the CRM.”

Connect funnel
Hook into your systems or data warehouse and extract key funnel data.

“MQLs increase but opportunities are flat.”

Causal logic
Causal logic lets you understand the root cause of issues. So you can fix it.

“Inbounds close faster than outbounds.”

Segment Data
Segment your funnel to reflect all the different buyer journeys.

“The budget doesn’t get us to the target.”

revenue plan
Add resources to build a truly data-driven bottom-up revenue plan.

Before we were just putting money in a black box and seeing what came out at the other end.

Now we can better understand where to invest and how it will turn out.

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Emīls Pauls Eglītis Manager, RevOps Insights
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By revenue operators, for revenue operators

Learn how Lokalise mastered their revenue engine and executes with confidence

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A plan for revenue

Make one plan across your entire funnel. Plan for people, projects and budget all in one place.

  • Identify baseline performance and gap to target in seconds
  • Test if you can hit target with the budget you have available
  • Plan projects, campaigns & hires and see their revenue impact
  • Surface assumptions clearly and manage them ahead of time
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Hitting the plan

Nothing ever goes according to plan. That’s why you need to track it across hiring, projects and performance. We’ve collected them all in one place.

  • Track performance against your plan and compare against regions, segments, or previous quarters or years
  • Project revenue based on current performance and on planned actions to be taken
  • Get alerted if key metrics in your funnel are off track and course correct before they impact revenue
  • Do root-cause analysis in seconds and share your findings with your team

Find out how the quarter really went

Run quarterly and monthly business reviews to find areas to improve – making you a strategic partner.

  • Use your time to find insights instead of numbers
  • Understand performance by department, segment or pipeline source
  • Identify necessary changes and model their impact on revenue
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Lokalise is more manageable with the operating model. We always know that we can change at any minute. We can adapt to any internal or external factors that appear.

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Petr Antropov CRO & Co-founder
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