Predictable revenue,
made actionable

Growblocks is the strategic engine your team needs to create robust, data-driven revenue models that power your revenue plan, providing the framework for your execution.

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Revenue leaders need a way to validate their gut instinct when it comes to making important business decisions. Without a data-driven revenue model, they can’t confidently make decisions on which levers to pull and when.


Collaboration can’t succeed when business units don’t understand each other. Assumptions and oversimplification lead to revenue plans that aren’t actionable and prevent impactful revenue growth.


Revenue leaders need to be able to identify change quickly, to ensure they always match their plans with reality. If you’ve outgrown your current strategy or if something isn’t working, your business could be missing an opportunity to evolve.

Growblocks’ approach to predictable revenue is all about making it actionable.

We help B2B Scale-ups understand their revenue by building robust, data-driven models fit for hyper-growth. We connect models to revenue plans and run alongside teams as they execute. Businesses using Growblocks don’t just hit their revenue goals, they beat them.


Build a model that forms the DNA of your revenue engine. We capture real-time data points from across all your business systems to give you a complete picture of your growth journey and the role each business unit plays.


Use your model to inform the projects and actions that build out your revenue plan. See the impact of every step and ensure all teams know exactly what they need to do and how to achieve it.


Track your business as it actions the plan with real-time insights. See granular early warning signs of where you need to adapt and spot issues and opportunities before it’s too late. Ensure your regular reviews are data-driven and effective.

We would have loved to have a tool that connected the planning of growth with the operational reality of driving it, but there was no product in the market that focused on revenue execution across management layers & data silos - so we decided to build it.

Toni HohlbeinGrowblocks CEO