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12 Podcasts for RevOps Rookies

“So, where do I begin?”, I asked myself. 

On my first day here at the office I felt a little lost. Funnels, flywheels, and bow ties were apparently some very important models? I was also immediately peppered with a million acronyms in SaaSian short-speech. ACVs and CVRs. BOFU, MOFU, and TOFU. And then onto NDR, SAL, and TAM. 

What was I thinking?

The most sought after positions on the job market right now are within RevOps, so I imagine there are other people feeling the same things as me: starting a new job at a B2B SaaS company in RevOps is very exciting, but it can also feel somewhat overwhelming. 

There are a lot of great blogs and people to keep tabs on, of course, but I learn best from listening. I’ve gathered up a list of Podcasts and thought I’d share it with you. Maybe it could be just what you’re looking for, or maybe this is just the thing for that person starting on Monday?

1: OG Ops Podcast

Launched at the start of the year, the OG Ops Podcast invites people that are actively working in operations to share their stories and lessons learned – all expertly hosted by Jordan Henderson and Brandon Redlinger.

Why it could be for you: The conversations are relaxed and non-scripted (but still tightly packed with insights), and their less-than-dead-serious tone is inviting and entertaining.

A good place to start is:

2: B2B SaaS CEOs

Josef Fallesen of Vaam hopes to be the world’s best B2B SaaS CEO one day. Cunningly, he uses the podcast B2B SaaS CEOs as his vehicle to get there. Join him if you’re into picking the brains of inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs.

Why it could be for you: Even if you’re not aiming for boardrooms or shareholder meetings, the episodes are chock-full of important insights and lessons from small startups that made it big. Crispy, Scandinavian accents and brilliant minds – What’s not to love? 

A good place to start is:

3: RevOps Therapy

Listening in on Revops Therapy and the guests of the show will give great insights from skillful revenue operators and their different work processes. You hear about the lessons they’ve learned, which pitfalls to avoid, and why data is king.

Why it could be for you: Inspirational people armed with wonderful storytelling and interesting perspectives from every corner of the SaaS world. 

A good place to start is:

4: FINITE: B2B Marketing Podcast for Tech, Software & SaaS

For your shorter commuting needs, the FINITE: B2B Marketing Podcast for Tech, Software & SaaS could be just the thing. This show invites (mostly) marketing guests to talk about trends, growth, and marketing in the SaaS sphere.

Why it could be for you: Short, sweet, and to-the-point. All episodes clock between 20 and 30 minutes, and each show is focused on one specific issue. Handy!

A good place to start is:

5: Predictable Revenue Podcast

Purpose-driven prospecting, how to get limitless leads, how to get your customers to trust you – AND MORE! All in the Predictable Revenue Podcast .

Why it could be for you: There’s a patience in the way host Collin Stewart cajoles the nuggets and truths from his many successful guests. Thanks to both format and tempo, the flow of the episodes is inviting, and they’re conveniently snack-packed in less than an hour.

A good place to start is:

6: The SaaS Podcast with Omer Khan

Founders, bootstrappers, and proven SaaS know-it-alls take turns filling the episodes of The SaaS Podcast with Omer Khan to the brim with insights, lessons, and stories from the industry. 

Why it could be for you: The guests share their own journeys with intimacy, and both failures and successes are happily discussed. Khan lets the conversation ebb and flow, which makes the episodes feel like chats between old buddies, rather than a court hearings.

A good place to start is:

7: Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast

Here’s an established podcast for all your data driven B2B needs. Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast invites guests to openly talk navigating through data, instead of opinions. It’s hosted by account-based marketer/genius, Corrina Owens, and GTM enablement wizard Danny Wasserman – both fantastic.

Why it could be for you: The show is well produced, the episodes are appetizingly short, and the content is relevant for anyone living in a Go-To-Market world.

A good place to start is:

8: Startups For the Rest of US

At the time of writing, Startups For the Rest of Us is on its (beastly) episode 666, so they must be doing a lot of things right. The show is heavily focused on SaaS business and their founders, and tells the stories of entrepreneurs, developers, and designers getting their software off the ground and propelled into the stratosphere. 

Why it could be for you: Accessible language and tips for us newbies, a wide catalog on all things startup-related, and inspirational guests with important things to share.

A good place to start is:


9: SaaS Sales Players

Always be closing, sure. But first, listen. The SaaS Sales Players is a podcast that’s packed with tips and top seller guests in SaaS. The host and guests share advice and experiences on overdelivering, smashing budgets, and how to soar to the top of your discipline.

Why it could be for you: It’s easy to find relevant episodes, the content is succinct, and the takeaways are plentiful.

A good place to start is:

10: Indie Hackers

Are you curious about how a teeny, tiny, terrific idea can grow into a profitable online behemoth? Then Indie Hackers could be just your thing. The rising (and already risen) stars of the business explain the tools, strategies, and philosophies you should put to use in your work.

Why it could be for you: What they talk about on the show is serious business, but how they do it is entertaining – not a bad combo.

A good place to start is:

11: B2B Better

If you’re in the need for B2B content, then look no further. The B2B Better is a podcast full of industry experts spewing wisdom. Whether you’re looking for answers in CRM management, GMT strategies, or finding the targets that matter to you, you’ll get some great ideas here. 

Why it could be for you: The conversations all have authentic flows and generate true and important takeaways, so it should be worth your ear time.

A good place to start is:

12: The Revenue Formula

If you’re curious about what our founder (aka. my boss) here at Growblocks has to say about crushing QBRs, the challenges of GTM, and much more. The Revenue Formula is growing fast, and it’s actually really good (I’m not forced to say that).

You find all episodes here, have a listen →