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3.5 weekly meetings you need to have

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As I interview, sell, and talk to people in RevOps and to CROs constantly, I get to learn a ton about what they are doing.

What their best practices are, and where they tend to struggle.

One item that caught my eye recently was a few people asking me about what the right meeting cadence should be to drive the GTM.

But the question was not about monthly or quarterly cycles.

It was much more about weeklys.

So here is what I’ve personally employed, but also what I have seen a few times as the best practice around this.

  1. Weekly Demand Gen

This is for all your top-funnel leaders. Think VP Marketing or VP Inside Sales (SDRs). It could also include the leader for partner or channel sales.

The topic is top funnel, reviewing volume metrics like Opp production, SQLs/MQLs etc.

You might get tactical here sometimes, also including CPL (cost per lead) or even noticing CVRs drifting off.

The discussion should center around where you are off, and what you are doing to fix it.

  1. Weekly Sales Forecast

I think almost everyone has this one. This should include your Sales Leaders – of course.

The topic is bottom of funnel, deals, pipeline health, and forecast.

Ask: how are we tracking? Are there teams/regions that need more opps? Are there deals that need C-Level involvement? Which deals are stuck in legal/InfoSec and need a nudge?

  1. Weekly Revenue Projects Check-in

Very few teams do this one, yet the best teams swear by it.

The composition includes all GTM heads and sometimes this happens during the CRO team sessions.

The purpose is to check in quickly on how the key revenue projects (some call these revenue OKRs) are tracking. This is done by giving quick confidence indications.

It’s important not to get stuck in “why are you not confident” – save that for a monthly.

But it’s key to stay aligned and share challenges with the rest of the team – since they might be impacted.

  1. Talent Attraction Fortnightly

Yes, “fortnightly,” not weekly. Thus only counting as .5 weekly 😉

This is a meeting between RevOps, TA, and Finance.

The topic is execution of the hiring plan.

How is the talent pipeline looking? Are we ahead/behind budget? How many leavers do we expect?

If you run these 4 meetings, a lot of things on the execution side will suddenly get a lot easier.

I would recommend your Head of RevOps to run these. Usually there are tons of data questions but also a lot of mini-projects are born here that someone needs to put into a backlog or run with.