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The World’s First Platform Purpose-built for Revenue Operators

Revenue Operations is on everyone’s mind right now. And they should be.

  • Gartner claims that 75% of the world’s highest growth companies look to deploy a RevOps model by 2025.
  • 21% of companies that hired a RevOps function see an increase in alignment as well as productivity across their GTM teams.

These numbers speak for themselves. Revenue Operators have impact.

But after talking to 100s of RevOps folks, they all say the same thing:

“I want to do important strategic work, but I’m stuck in my tools without anyone to save me.”

RevOps are involved in a lot of processes, across departments and the entire business. Despite this, it’s still difficult for them to see the direct impact they have on revenue. That goes for how others in the organization see them too.

Having an understanding of the full funnel – clearly seeing how everything in the business is connected – that is the superpower of the revenue operator. Not utilizing it fully is foolish.

The Problem Today

Revenue Operators are the ones responsible for servicing other teams and departments, making sure their processes run smoothly. But when it comes to making strategic decisions, they’re often left out because they’re just doing “tools”.

These tasks are all important, but they rarely have much impact on revenue. However, there are three focus areas that do move the revenue needle:

Bottom-up planning: Focused on actual numbers and realistic goals, hunting down gaps, resource allocation, and testing out budgets. But today this usually happens in a depressing sheet named ‘FY24_plan_Q1_24, V.1.4.23’, or similar, that was never created for the purpose of complex planning in the first place. And, sure, your plans might start off promisingly enough and you manage to hit the targets for Q1. But soon your plan becomes infected with hidden assumptions, complex formulas, and even human error – making it impossible to trust, and even interpret.

Monitoring the full funnel: Moving from being seen as a (mere) System Administrator, to a strategic Revenue Operator, you need to guide the business towards where the biggest opportunities are and articulate the solutions. However, today’s disconnected go-to-market systems and lack of granular targets make it impossible to identify the true root causes of where the business starts to go wrong. And BI can’t solve this alone.

Running business reviews (QBRs): Here’s where good revenue operators find opportunities for growth. Sadly, these happen 90 days too late and mostly consist of pointing fingers, and rarely lead to real improvements.

These problems are too difficult and expensive to get rid of. At least until yesterday. 

Today, you have Growblocks.

Finally – a Solution

The world’s first purpose-built revops platform for revenue operators: Growblocks.

Now, you can:

Create Accurate Bottom-up Plans 

Quickly calculate your baseline and identify the gaps before you start adding actions – your bottom-up planning done in minutes, not days.

We all know the feeling. You’ve been planning for months, confident that you’re ahead of schedule, when someone asks you to move some numbers around “just to see what impact it would have”. Too familiar, and never fun.

Growblocks enables you to create an accurate bottom-up plan, while showing you the revenue impact of any new investment. And it will just take you a few moments.

  • Add planned actions such as hires, price changes or projects
  • Add assumptions to improvements, such as leads or conversion rates
  • See the revenue impact in seconds

With Growblocks you can quickly draft a what-if or best case scenario to test your ideas out. This lets you immediately understand what those lower ACVs and dropped conversion rates mean for the budget, and what impact a new hire or marketing effort will have.

You’ll get the full picture, how you can allocate resources efficiently, and what significance your initiatives have for the business as a whole.

Understanding the immediate effect of your plan is invaluable. And you’ll reap the same benefits when outlining your next move too. Whether that’s an entirely new market segment, a new department, or finding new marketing tricks to convince your Nay-sayers.

On top of this, when everyone can see how you’re achieving your target and understand why, they’re much more likely to buy into your plan. Improving planning gives revenue operators a better chance to make smarter decisions, stay ahead of customer needs, and optimize their sales and marketing strategies.

Monitor Revenue and Solve Issues Instantly One Place

Growblocks lets you monitor your entire funnel metrics, with all and any of its volume and efficiency metrics, and signals you when something is off.

All of a sudden you’re able to not only monitor and detect issues, but articulate a solution as well. A plan is only good if it works, and it’s up to you to keep an eye on it and adjust at all times.

And the sooner you’re notified, the sooner you can act. Growblocks instantly gives you full funnel visibility to track targets, actuals and your projected performance, all in one single place.

  • Volume metrics: Traffic, leads, opportunities, customers, revenue etc.
  • Efficiency metrics: ACVs, CVRs, Sales cycle length etc
  • Dimensions & filters: Revenue stream, region, attribution, traffic grouping, product
  • Performance signals and flagging

It shows you exactly what’s happening and why it happened, letting you claim a more proactive role – someone that oversees and engages with the entire revenue production. You’re able to run what-if analysis and best case scenarios, and much faster than before.

Having this complete oversight will let you act in time, guaranteeing smoother sales processes, increased conversion rates, and ultimately, more revenue.

And don’t worry, you’re still getting all of your favorite data stuff. Growblocks integrates with +200 commercial tools. It just lets you add so much more.

Create Reliable QBRs Faster

Detailed reporting with cause-effect relationships and a full-funnel view.

The struggle of working with reviewing multiple funnels is something many will recognize. The funnels are filled with different motions of different sizes, and in different segments on different markets. The amount of data quickly adds up, and creating a report becomes both difficult and extremely time-consuming.

Growblocks does it all in minutes. And in detail.

With Growblocks you can create your reports and reviews much faster, and you can dive much deeper into your revenue streams using filters and drills.

You’ll have a full-funnel view, with clear cause-effect relationships and precise root cause analysis, and you can even export your findings as slides for that end-of-the-day presentation – how neat!

  • See how the quarter ended across all metrics
  • Identify root-causes of missed revenue targets
  • Review impact of actions, such as hires and projects
  • Add outcomes from QBRs as actions to your plan to estimate revenue impact

And the best part? With our projections, you’re able to use the past to understand how next quarter looks – and this is where you can make an immediate impact on revenue.

Creating a smoother process for yourself will free up resources for you to focus on important insights, and you won’t have to lumber down into the gloomy mines for more data gathering.

It’s Time to Have an Impact

To deliver your best work, and to improve the work of others, you need to make sure you’re giving yourself as a Revenue Operator a chance.

Have a look at Growblocks, understand how it will improve your work, revenue, and results, and book yourself a demo.