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How Superside run their GTM at +$50M ARR

Do you ever feel like the weekly GTM meetings are suboptimal? You’re unable to get to the heart of problems in the session? There’s disagreement about what KPIs matter – and everyone has their own reports? 

You’re not alone.

Superside wanted to see the full bowtie to identify issues and opportunities.

Before Growblocks, the team spent lots of time preparing presentations for weekly GTM leadership meetings – and often had to follow up with ad hoc research to answer questions coming from the meeting.

“All the things people are saying about the SaaS bowtie, you now have it visualized and you have all the KPIs on one page. Suddenly you can easily identify trends and issues in your pipeline, or what works and what doesn’t work.”

Andreas Drakos, Director of RevOps

While the team had a hunch about ongoing problems, validating them required lots of custom analysis and took days. Ultimately, it was an inefficient way to run the operating cadence.

Running the GTM

Every week, GTM leaders along with RevOps run through all KPIs to understand how they’re tracking against the month and what happened last week.

“We were just presenting data every week that we were calculating, exporting to Google Sheets and presenting.“

While RevOps is expected to present during the meeting, the team often switches to Growblocks during the session.

“Growblocks has completely changed the way we’re doing these meetings and the discussions that are happening.”

When Andreas and his team gets a question, they no longer have to reply “oh yes, we’ll need to do some reports and get back to you”, the answer becomes: “let me switch to Growblocks and show you exactly what is happening”.

This lets the team identify problems and start articulating solutions faster.

“So we unraveled a quite significant issue”. Superside discovered that a specific segment of pipeline was underperforming. The problem was not the conversion rate from marketing. It was the win rate down the line. “We had a hunch about it, but with Growblocks it was obvious.”

With that initial finding, Superside went through closed lost opportunities to identify the loss reasons. They ran a small survey with some of their customers along with other actions to understand why the segment wasn’t performing. 

“And then we realized, we don’t have an appealing offer and messaging for this segment”

As a result, the team completely changed the communication, messaging and offering  specifically targeting this segment, seeking to increase their winrates. This is just one of many challenges and opportunities discovered.

Three core benefits

Superside is able to gain three clear benefits for operating their GTM with Growblocks.

1. Full funnel visibility

Superside is able to see their entire bowtie and run advanced diagnostics in no time. This enables them to answer questions and arrive at important business decisions at unprecedented speed.

“The first time that I saw that I went, okay in order for me to build this I need three more people in my team full-time.”

2. Streamline definitions

Before, the team weren’t fully aligned on KPI definitions – and they were able to produce their own reports to contest any challenges presented with data. With Growblocks, they’ve been able to streamline definitions and end data objections.

“It helped us streamline internal definitions across marketing, sales and customer success – it helped us explain to marketing, I don’t care how many inbound call bookings you’re generating if those don’t convert down the line. Sales, I don’t care how many companies you’re booking if they are not renewing”.

3. Better GTM meetings

Previously, RevOps was simply presenting data during GTM meetings. Now the team is able to trigger important business conversations about underperformance or opportunities.

It makes it clear how actions in one part of the bowtie impacts another – enabling them to build a durable and efficient business.

Superside offers a variety of design services through their subscription

Working with Growblocks

Having worked with several software vendors, Andreas was impressed by the approach taken to get Superside up and running and reaching an impact.

“Growblocks booked the meetings. They communicated a clear timeline, ran a discovery meeting just to understand our go-to-market strategy and then they came back with a solution proposal. That’s a better approach than ‘this is the tool, try to figure out how to use it’”

Superside was up and running within 4 weeks and followed a clear implementation plan set forward by Growblocks. “The project management, the communication and the transparency during the onboarding and the effort that Growblocks did is definitely a winning argument.”

Currently, Growblocks run weekly check-ins to support Superside in continuing to maximize the utility of the platform.

About Superside

Superside is the leading Creative as a Service solution. They offer a unique combination of the world’s best creatives, a frictionless platform, and a flexible subscription model that extends the creative skills, perspectives, and capacity of in-house creative teams. Superside supports more than 450 ambitious brands, from giants like Amazon, Google, and Meta to fast-growing companies like 6Sense, Snowflake, and Grammarly.