Growblocks in action
The Problem

Growing Revenue is a science

Companies that run revenue using data-driven and scientific methods will outperform their cohort. Achieving this is hard. And companies feel forced to default to spreadsheets to solve it. 

  • Existing tooling is not built for data-driven revenue operators. 
  • BI is great at capturing a lot of data, but the data points lack a causal connection.
  • Spreadsheets are hard to manage and are inaccessible for many revenue experts. 
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The engine in the background 

The physics of the operating model

The operating model is fueled by data from your revenue tech stack. Every piece of data, from traffic to churn, is connected, creating a causal data model. By adding more dimensions, the model grows in granularity and accuracy.

  • Pull in all revenue data across your entire revenue engine.
  • Create a causal model linking each step in your funnel, creating strong logic.
  • Add multiple dimensions mirroring your operational reality closely. 
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Making it easy to use for Revenue Operators

Operating your revenue engine using scientific and data-driven methods is now easy. Collaborate with everyone across the organization that participates in growing revenue. Make decisions based on data and logic, not gut feelings.

  • Collaborate in creating revenue plans that are based on data. 
  • See if your planned hires, marketing campaigns, and improvement projects add up to the top-down target.
  • See exactly where you are veering off course, And course correct immediately.
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Get started in weeks, not months.

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