Why RevOps should care about organic

This email was sent 21st of July 2022

Hi there,

As I wrote this week’s GrowthLetter, I started thinking about why I’m doing it.

It wasn’t that long ago when I would have thought that writing a newsletter or starting a podcast is a waste of time. Something “influencers” do. Whoops?

Back when I worked at companies like Falcon.io and Planday, I didn’t take organic content seriously.

The way I saw it, If it wasn’t going to help me this quarter or next, then why should I do it?

Especially with steep and aggressive growth targets hanging over me quarter over quarter.

I think that many leaders in scale-ups today think like that.

But they do complain about the $1 in and $1 out hamster wheel of direct ads or outbound SDRs.

If the idea of investing in organic makes you uncomfortable and you question your marketing team for doing so, I completely understand.

It took me a while to understand. And as a revenue leader or as a RevOps pro, you will need to understand all the corners of your revenue engine to make the right decisions.

So why do it? When you get going, it can be a great sustainable source of growth – albeit after a very long time

The best way to grasp it is to see it as compounding interest. Initial gains are insignificant, but over time it’s a massive source of income that you don’t need to work for.

Many times people with glasses will ask for proof. “Prove to me that this Podcast episode drove this deal.”

There won’t be any proof. Maybe that’s a topic for the future, but you will need to abandon your attribution obsession. Not only for the sake of organic content, but for many other well-established and well-working tactics of marketing.

For me #1 reason why to do it:

This will drive your direct and branded search visitors and leads.

If you were to do a CAC Payback analysis across all your channels. You will find that direct and branded search is probably #1. Even beating upsell.

How to get more of that?

That’s right. Organic content.

P.S. What’s your take on it? I’d love to hear it. Drop me an email and let me know.


Toni Hohlbein
Co-founder & CEO

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