No one ever said growing revenue was easy

Chief Revenue Officer

Target Achievability

“Is everything we are doing really adding up to the target?”

Every Revenue Engine has thousands of moving parts. Hiring, improvement projects, marketing campaigns, and product releases. How can you be sure it all adds up to target?

Growblock’s approach lets you:

  • See and manage all revenue-impacting actions in one place. Hiring plans, RevOps projects, marketing campaigns.
  • Understand clearly how each action is impacting the rest of the funnel.
  • Play through scenarios where hires, projects, or campaigns are late and see their impact on revenue immediately.
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Early Warning Signs

“By the time we see things are going wrong, it’s too late.”

You know that you should be able to see problems already on the marketing side before they impact sales and CS. But having that overview and getting those warning signs is just impossible. 

Growblocks pings you ahead of time:

  • See exactly when and where things are going off course across the funnel. From traffic to churn.
  • By getting alerts before it hits revenue, you and your teams now have enough time to course correct.
  • While you are in full control of the current quarter, you can now see issues arising a few quarters out, and you start addressing them with your team. 

Revenue Operations

Everything “Revenue” in one spot

“I need to log into five different systems to see what’s going on.” 

Reporting across your GTM tools is deep, but it’s not connected. And BI is powerful, but it struggles to include targets, trendlines and is slow to change and update. Leaving you stuck pulling data into spreadsheets to see the truth.

Your full Revenue Engine in one spot:

  • With all GTM tools connected to Growblocks, you can see your full Revenue Engine in real-time – all the time.
  • Update changes like hires, leavers, or changes of priorities in marketing campaigns or RevOps projects – and see the knock-on effects across the engine.
  • Use one single source of truth for Revenue Metrics across the engine to align silos and keep discussions on point.
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Business Reviews

“QBRs and MBRs take forever to create.”

Every high-performing Revenue Engine needs monthly and quarterly reviews to continuously improve. But with all your other responsibilities, gathering the data and building the report takes too long, and by the time it’s done it’s usually too late.

Have your Review ready in no time:

  • Focus on impact faster as Growblocks delivers QBRs and MBRs at the start of the period.
  • Get a 100% accurate definition of any number or data with just one click.
  • Collaborate with your team to add insights and your story to the graphs.

Chief Financial Officer

Accurate Long-term Forecasting

“Visibility for this quarter is good, but after that it’s unclear.”

Deal-based forecasting tools give you a maximum range of your sales cycle to forecast the future reliably. But you don’t worry about this quarter, you worry about all the other quarters. 

Data-driven long-range forecasting:

  • Receive all GTM data flowing in directly without the need to go through CRM exports and see easily when definitions in the funnel change.
  • Monitor key metrics like conversion rates, average deal sizes, and customer behavior to ensure your projection is always accurate and up-to-date.
  • By proactively identifying potential issues and discussing them early on, you can avoid last-minute surprises for the board and ensure a smooth year despite uncertain times.
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Data-driven Bottom-up Planning

Data-driven Bottom-up Planning

Everyone knows that a top-down plan needs to be supported by a strong bottom-up plan. But data for that is scattered across multiple systems, the definitions are not aligned, and there is never enough granularity for what you want. 

Data-driven and scientific Bottom-up Planning:

  • Access all the data and logic that you need to build a strong data-driven bottom-up plan with the granularity level that is right for your organization. 
  • Quickly see how a top-down plan could be supported while you and the team are still building it out.
  • Involve the whole commercial leadership at the right time to build a real “how-to” plan of hitting the target.

Get started in weeks, not months.

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