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Plan and execute your revenue, from traffic to churn

Finance plans once.
Revenue plans 365 times a year.


A plan for revenue.

Make one plan across your entire funnel. Account for people, projects and budget. Test if all of it adds-up to your top-down target.

  • Identify baseline performance and gap to target in seconds
  • Test if you can hit target with the budget you have available
  • Plan projects, campaigns & hires and see their revenue impact
  • Surface assumptions clearly and manage them ahead of time
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Revenue Impact

The magic feature behind bottom-up planning

With our scientific approach we can estimate the revenue impact of every hire, project, or assumption in your plan.

  • See the direct revenue impact of your planned actions and hires
  • Understand how the impact changes when you change the timeline
  • See how multiple overlapping projects create shared revenue impact leading to 1+1 = 3

Execute like clockwork.


Hitting the plan

Nothing ever goes according to plan. That’s why you need to track it across hiring, projects and performance. We’ve collected them all in one place.

  • Track performance against your plan and compare against regions, segments, or previous quarters or years
  • Project revenue based on current performance and on planned actions
  • Get alerted if key metrics in your funnel are off track and course correct before they impact revenue
  • Do root-cause analysis in seconds and share your findings with your team
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Early Warning Signs

Don’t ever get surprised again

We all know that the “plan” will change. But we hate surprises. With early warning signs we make sure this never happens again.

  • Track every action or planned hire and get a ping when they don’t perform as expected
  • Get notified when things change up-funnel affecting your ability to hit target
  • See an “always up-to-date” projection of how your Revenue Engine will perform
Root Cause

See the issue. Instantly.

No need to dig through 100s of reports and spreadsheets to identify the root cause of an issue. Growblocks surfaces all the reasons behind an issue and ranks their impact.

  • Drill to the bottom of every single metric in your funnel
  • Easily see which areas of your Revenue Engine are not performing to plan
  • Click on an issue area and see a list of root causes ranked by their size of impact
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Continuous improvement is the key

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Find out how the quarter really went

Run quarterly and monthly business reviews to find areas to improve – making you a strategic partner.

We include all the metrics you need to run your revenue engine. Manipulate them according to time, segment, funnelstage, source, geographic and firmographic data

  • Use your time to find insights instead of numbers
  • Understand performance by department, segment or pipeline source
  • Identify necessary changes and model their impact on revenue
Hands-on help

Use a Growblocks Revenue Architect to improve

Our platform does a lot of heavy lifting. But sometimes having an expert give their perspective shaped by benchmarks and best practices is invaluable.

  • We will use available benchmarks and tailor them to fit your company the best
  • We can help you diagnose what is off in your engine and why, so you faster and more confidently fix it
  • We can recommend “plays” that you and the team can execute to improve your engine
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Ready for anything

We are using Fivetran as a data-pipeline provider. This means that, at the current count, we have access to roughly 200 GTM tools and data warehouses. We are very sure that your stack is fully covered.

This also means that we can be super flexible. We can pull data from the source GTM tools or cover parts of the funnel by accessing your data warehouse instead of the source tools. We also have customers with multiple CRMs or Marketing Automation tools that we pull from in parallel. Nothing is too complex for us to manage.

Get started in weeks, not months.

Built by revenue operators for revenue operators.