Manage your Revenue Engine

Growblocks transforms the way B2B SaaS scale-ups plan and execute revenue.

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Build a strong revenue plan and adapt it easily as you go

  • Use your revenue model to check budget achievability
  • Build scenarios of projects and hiring plans to support the revenue target
  • Adjust resource allocation to optimize and improve CAC Payback
  • Create clarity and collaboration between stakeholders
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Everything you need for revenue execution at your fingertips

  • Full-funnel metrics & targets making tracking and accountability easy
  • Quick and easy MBRs and QBRs saving you time
  • Early warning signs showing exactly where you need to focus and the revenue at risk

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Before we were just putting money in a black box and seeing what came out at the other end

Now we can better understand where to invest and how it will turn out

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Emīls Pauls Eglītis Manager, RevOps Insights

Start working the RevOps way, today!

1. Connect
Growblocks connects to your systems bringing together your full funnel data

2. Model
Next we’ll build your revenue model, forming your blueprint for future growth

3. Plan
Using the revenue model we’ll help you analyze your business and form the plan that will get you to target

4. Execute
As your team executes the plan, we support RevOps in monitoring progress

5. Action
By showing early warning signs of areas to focus on we empower your team to take timely corrective actions

6. Review
We prepare timely MBRs and QBRs for you, allowing you to focus on impactful discussions and making the right decisions